Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fist Pump

Ohhhh the Jersey Shore... My latest guilty pleasure. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, but I am kind of sad it’s over. Will there be a Jersey Shore 2?? With all the popularity of this season, I see no reason why MTV would not capitalize on it.

At first, I did not understand what all the hype was about and then I saw the first two episodes back to back and I was hooked!

So here is my personal opinion on all the Jersey Shore characters:

Angelina - Who travels with their clothes in black garbage bags? The so called Kim Kardashian of Staten Island only last a couple of episodes. She was too good to go to work at the T-shirt shop after getting into a fight with her married boyfriend that she had only dated for a couple of months. You don't go to work; you cannot stay at the house, so poof, Angelina you are gone...

Pauly D - Guido with a capital G! Blow-dried and gelled hair, tanned and back tattoos of Cadillac logos with the Italian flag colors. His hair looks so stiff it could possibly withstand a bullet. Pauly D did not create much drama on the show, but there was definite sexual tension between him and J-Woww.

Vinny - The only guy that does not tan, gel his hair or workout. A self-proclaimed mama's boy who loves to fist pump. He has to have an eyebrow problem, most of his facial expressions involve that they move up and down drastically in some way. I could just never understand those sweaty armpits, totally disgusting.

Snooki - Ohh lord, what can I say? I want to like Snooki, she's so small and desperate looking. She looks like a hairy yorkie. I just felt sorry for her most of the time. Especially after she got punched out by that gym teacher. She tried so hard to be liked by the guys in the clubs, but never would get a guy to call her back or sleep with her. If you cannot get laid at the Jersey Shore, they way this group was partying, there is definitely a problem. And what the hell is up with the "bahhhhhhhhh" she always utters after she feels sorry for herself?

Sammi "The Sweetheart" - "The sweetest bitch you will ever meet" That is her opening line. She wears hair clips that are pretty scary looking and does not go anywhere without a pair of booty shorts. She first holds hands with Mike, then makes out with him, realizes he's not her type and makes out with Ronnie the same night and likes him better. Her and Ronnie fight constantly and apparently has a "Fred Flinstone" big toe.

Ronnie - The Rocky Balboa of the show. He knocked out a couple of random people that were starting fights with him. He has a really bad temper but has a soft spot for Sammi. He promised he would not fall in love at the shore, which proved not to be the case. Will the relationship last? Probably not. These two squabble so much over the silliest thing, I doubt they will last past this summer.

J-Woww - My favorite Jersey Shore cast member. I don't know, I guess it because from the beginning she states who she is and rarely deviates from it. Those huge boobs are distracting and she dresses like a stripper in the champagne room out in public, ohh and she will rip a guy’s head off after she has sex with him. What great qualities :)

The Situation - And finally the character you love to hate. I am still trying to figure out if this is how Mike acts in real life or if this was all for the show. If he is for real, what girl would honestly look at him for more than two seconds? He is so obnoxious, back-stabbing and totally full of himself. The way he tried to hook-up with Sammi even though he knew she was with Ronnie was pathetic. He will definitely have his own reality TV career. He should be called "The Personality".

This show is obviously an exaggeration of Guido and Guidette party lives. There has been a lot of backlash from the Italian-American community regarding the portrayal of Italians on the show. The cast members say they do not represent all of Italian-Americans; they are just having a good time at the shore.

Well it was a good time watching this hot mess!!

Are you ready for "Snookin for Love" ???


  1. I just want to say this is the stupidest show there is. This is one of those shows that brings out stereotypes about people. Then it makes them go, why do Italians have the stereotypes of being loud, obnoxious, annoying, reeking of garlic, starting fights, saying hey ho, oh hey, and fuhgedabohdit, being guineas, gudios, and gudiettes.

    Also, anyone and I mean anyone (who calls themselves The situation) who goes to a club anywhere and does a fist pump is a retard. I also believe that that person has less mental capcity than my autistic 11 year old cousin. This "situation" so to speak, needs a check up from the neck up.

    Snickers or M & M, or whatever her name is, is a loudmouth, who can;t keep her mouth shut, and wonders why she gets decked every week. No, I'm not saying it's right to hit ladies, but if you mouth off and someone gets pissed, expect to get hit no matter who you are!

    This is just my view

  2. That was hilarious Joe :) I love your view, you tell them brotha!!

  3. Thank you Leydi. That is just my view, so I thought I'd share. After seeing 20 minutes of one episode, I had one thing go through my mind, and that is "Italians wonder why they have these stereotypes." After that I say out loud, "And they wonder why people think this way about Italians?"