Friday, March 26, 2010

Talk with your mouth full

You can tell a lot about a couple by how they interact with each other when they are out for dinner. I am a voyeur when I eat out. Aside from enjoying my meal, I like to play little guessing games about the couples near me. I find this little hobby of mine quite enjoyable. Are they married? Are they having a fight? And sometimes, she is wayyyyy too cute for him.

But, by far the most significant observation that always surprises me is the large number of couples that can sit through an entire meal without uttering one word. How is that possible???

If two people can sit through an entire meal without looking up, making eye contact or having a conversation. Then they SHOULD not be together! If this is you right now, you better evaluate that relationship and run for the hills. If you do not confront this, you might stay together, but you will not be happy, trust me, save yourself the heartache.

Who could eat in silence? I know I cannot. Maybe I am the exception, maybe I just talk too damn much.

OK, so here is the next test. After dinner is over, it is time for dessert, and you order two SEPARATE desserts, this relationship is doomed! If one person prefers the chocolate mousse and the other the apple tart, order the damn strawberry cheesecake! This is the epitome of compromise. How you order your dessert as a couple is a very good indicator of how successful your relationship will be. Bonus points if you share only one spoon, which most likely means…. you are having good sex :)

Next time you are out to dinner with that special someone and you want it to work? Please make eye contact, have a decent conversation and please only order one dessert, preferably with one spoon ;)

Happy Eating!!

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