My Lists :)

Things that annoy me :(
  • When people "Poke" me on Facebook.  WTF is that? Like seriously????  If you happen to see me on the street, would you poke me??  I don't think so...
  • When people say "didn't you get my email?"  This is not 1998, its 2010 and emails are pretty reliable, if they were not, why would we have blackberry's and IPhone's.  I personally feel insulted when people say this to me.  I am not stupid, you know...
  • When people call me after I text them, I would have called you, if I wanted to talk to you.
  • Jerks on the subway
Things that make happy :)
  • Ice cream
  • Books
  • Sleeping
  • When old people smile at me in the street (this happens a lot)
  • My family
  • My friends (some of them, lol)
  • Movies
  • Vincent D'Onofrio - Bobby Goren
  • Pandora
  • Family Guy
  • Blogging
  • Laughing at inappropriate things at inappropriate times
  • Getting mani's and pedi's - One of the joys of being a girl
Things I wish would make a comeback!!
  • Beepers - Just kidding
  • My parents from DR - Seriously, I know you are retired and all, but I miss you and stuff, please come back
  • Simpler times
  • My 125lbs body (I was 15years old) Maybe one day!!

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