Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are you LOST? Are you ready to be found?

Redemption, loss, second chances, love, angst, these are a few of the things that make up one of the best shows on TV. Tonight is the season premier of the last and final season of LOST :( This is when all of our nagging questions will be answered (hopefully).

There are so many reasons why people stick with this show.  It’s the mysteries, the love triangles, and all the human drama that touch us in some way or another. In some ways, you can identify with all of the characters, it is that kind of show. It makes you ask yourself, what would I do? If I was stranded with strangers (or are they) on an island and struggling to survive. Would I be the same person or would I be who I always wanted to be?

Everyone has his or her favorite characters, mine is Sayid, played by Naveen Andrews.  Before the island he was a veryyyy bad man, did unethical things, but on the island, he saved people and helped, he was looking for redemption. Will Sayid find it? We will see.

But, by far my favorite story line is the love story of Desmond and Penny. Being the hopeless romantic that I am (blog about this coming up soon), I fell for these two. They spend their lives trying to find each other.  Below is one of my favorite Desmond and Penny scenes from the episode The Constant.  After eight years without any contact, Desmond calls Penny from a freighter.  If does not hurt that the phone call was facilitated by my main man, Sayid.

I love LOST. It is one of those shows you have to be committed to. You cannot be a casual LOST fan, either you are in it or you are not. I would say being a LOST fan is a lot like being in a relationship. How you might ask? Well, thank your lucky stars because I am going to break it down for you :)

Most LOST fans did not fall in love at first sight.  It took some time, some build-up for the infatuation to turn into love. Things like these do not happen overnight, so if you are one of those people that believe in love at first sight, you are either full of crap or you are simply not a LOST fan.

Now, as I was saying…

Falling in love with LOST was a gradual process. Either someone introduced you to the show or you just happen to come across it by chance (like most great love stories). Your interest was piqued, you have never been introduced to a show like this before, and it is one of a kind, so you decide to try it.  It is a lot like love.  At first, it’s an adventure and there are so many new experiences.  You just want more and more.  It becomes a little of an obsession! I watched my first season of LOST on DVD, while on vacation in Florida, in December! So instead of lounging by the pool, I was popping in DVD's one after the other in my aunt’s house, while my mother kept asking me what the hell I was watching.  She still does not get it. It's ok mom, even if you don't understand it, just accept it, it will be easier for the both of us. 

So after you watch the first couple of seasons, your new love must go on a long business trip. You get a little sad.  You think about how LOST will be when it gets back, what new surprises it will have for you.

When it comes back, it is better than you remember it. So you are back in it, devoted, hanging on every word, euphoric, you talk of nothing else. After a date/episode is over you call your best friend and tell them all about it. You are on a natural high.

Then there comes a point, like in most relationships, when LOST starts to lose some of its luster, it frustrates you, plays with you and leaves you guessing. You start to wonder if all the time and effort you put into the show was worth it. You debate this with your friends, you go online looking for answers (lostpedia). Like a good trooper you hang in there and tell yourself that not all shows are perfect, you are going to give it a chance; because it's not like you are an easy walk in the park either.

Slowly the shows takes a new twist (flash-fowards) and it was like in the beginning, you are even more devoted than ever. Then out of nowhere, the show must go on another long trip and it keeps you again longing for your great love.

Which brings us to today, this is when your relationship is faced with the moment of truth.   This is the day that all LOST fans have been waiting for. The day when you wonder if you and the show will take it to the next level. Will LOST be everything you imagined it to be? Will it answer all of your questions or leave you disenchanted at the altar?

Tonight is the start of the end. I do not know if to be sad or excited. I am excited to see how the writers are going to end it, but sad to see that my love affair with LOST is almost over. It is bittersweet.  

I hope in the end it is all that I imagined it to be and more.  Will I be found or stay LOST?  I don't know at this point which is better.

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one that's ADDICTED to this show!!!!! Funny part was... I really wasn't interested in watching it at first. Carlos rented the season's and we just started to watch them and OMG... LOVE!!! ;-) My heart is aching for Sawyer/James though... I just wonder what's going to happen with him :(