Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lace and Fondant Dreams

I wish I could say NO to the dress!! I am obsessed with wedding shows. Shows about wedding cakes, wedding dresses, wedding flowers, wedding receptions, platinum weddings, broke weddings, bridezillas. The list is exhausting. I have officially overdosed on lace and fondant.

According to, 45% to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. So why is that shows like these exist?!?! Well its because of gullible people like myself :( or let me say gullible women. You don’t see John and Steve plopped in front of the TV on a Sunday watching a Platinum Weddings marathon. No, it’s only women and a few of our fabulous gay friends who succumb to the powers of David Tutera.

On the surface, this can be explained by the fact that women just love romance, we love fairy takes and happy endings. But some of my married friends have already found happy endings and they still watch these shows. So what is it then? What is the appeal?

It is because since we were little girls, our parents, television and society have conditioned us to wait for the one man that will sweep us of our feet, marry us and who we can live happily ever after with. Heck, I am a smart girl, I should know better, but I even believe this nonsense!

I am not engaged; I don’t even have a boyfriend! But I still sit in front of the TV and watch Say Yes to the Dress (my favorite) for hours. I love to watch the faces of the brides as they try on countless dresses and try to find the “one”.

Sound familiar girls??

Not matter your shape, your height or your weight, there is a wedding dress for every woman, like there is someone for everyone.

Any woman looks good in a wedding dress, because the beauty is not in the dress; it is in their smiles. A smile that is full of hope, and full of excitement. Enjoy your moment honey! Hopefully you will not be divorced in five years.

But if you are, its OK, you will always have this moment. This moment of when everything was good, beautiful and nice.

And frankly, so will I…

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  1. Hopefully you wont have a PANIC ATTACK like I did when I got to the ceremony... not during the whole wedding planning BUT when I was SUPPOSE to WALK down the alise!!!!! YUP!!! I remember walking down and telling my Dad... "I cant do this... I'm going to pass out" and he kept telling me "Jennifer make sure we start off with the same foot the wedding planner told us it looks better like that?!?!" WTF???? LMAO!!!!! Yeah... oh... let me not forget to mention my mom.... when she sees me in the limo "loosing it" she comes in and tells me "Jennifer shut up and stop crying... your messing up your make up!"... LMAO!!! Awww... the memories! LOL!!! It was a great day though! ;)